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A list of things that I shouldn't have listened to :iconhalnicci:HalNicci 0 0
I Sit Lonely
I sit lonely,
In this white box of a room,
In silence,
looking at a small child,
who is sitting all alone,
Why is it?
Why must the child sit lonely?
I stand depressed,
in this white box of a room,
staring out the window,
and I see a happy white tree,
a happy tree standing depressed,
Why is it?
Why must the tree stand depressed?
I lay quietly,
in this white box of a room,
watching a baby play,
watching him throw his rattle to the ground,
his rattle that won't make a sound,
Why is it?
Why must the rattle lay quietly?
I vanish easily,
in this white box of a room,
and I see a rabbit,
see him running,
and then he vanishes,
Why is it?
Why must the rabbit vanish easily?
I'll die quickly,
in this white box of a room,
and I see a rose on the path,
a rose not in water or the ground,
a rose out in the sun and heat,
Why is it?
Why will the rose die quickly?
I won't be missed,
when they notice I'm gone,
when I finally vanish for good,
I'll be free
with the others like me,
but why is it?
Why won't t
:iconhalnicci:HalNicci 0 0
Everyone has a soulmate. I pity the ones who say they don't have one, because somewhere out there, there is someone else saying the same thing. They've never met, or at least never made eye contact, so they've never seen their glow. They've glowed before, of course. It is said that when you are born, you glow until you are a month old. No one really knows that though. All babies stay with their parents, inside, away from other eyes until it goes away. You aren't supposed to look at a baby's glow until you've seen your own. There are babies that don't glow. The ones not born out of love, but that is rare now. The only other time you glow is when your soulmate is dying. The two hearts will glow feriously until the end. People see that part, no one talks about it. But I digress, for our story isn't about a lost love, it is about a found one.
The championship game was over. Thanks to James, the star player on the team. He was in the center of the field, being presented the game ball and na
:iconhalnicci:HalNicci 1 0
Simple Swirl Ear Cuff by HalNicci Simple Swirl Ear Cuff :iconhalnicci:HalNicci 1 0 Camp by HalNicci Camp :iconhalnicci:HalNicci 0 0 A Snow White Beauty by HalNicci A Snow White Beauty :iconhalnicci:HalNicci 0 0 What time is it? by HalNicci What time is it? :iconhalnicci:HalNicci 3 3 Castle by HalNicci Castle :iconhalnicci:HalNicci 1 0
Ode to Stars
You light up the sky at night,
stretching on for miles.
Always up there in the sky,
a connect the dots puzzle in the night.
You get to hear the childrens wishes,
when you first appear at night.
A blessing only few things hear.
So this is to you stars;
make their dreams come true.
:iconhalnicci:HalNicci 4 3
Karrot The Kat
You have naver seen an orange kat,
until you have seen Karrot.
Plain orange, no black, no green,
the orangest kat you've ever seen.
Only one part is not orange you see,
his eyes are as blue as can be.
Karrot is a tiny thing,
he sleeps inside a baseball cap.
So the next time you put on a hat,
Please watch out for Karrot the Kat.
:iconhalnicci:HalNicci 0 6
Walk to Forever
Walk to forever with me,
So we can dance beneath the stars,
So we can fly together,
Never apart.
Walk with me forever,
Keep me in your heart,
My love for you will make it that far,
If you will help it along.
Walk with me forever,
And help me when I fall,
I'll give you this heart of mine,
If you will give me yours.
Our connection will be eternal,
If that is what you want.
So follow me,
Let's go to forever together.
You'll be with me wherever I go,
And I'll be with you too,
And we'll always be together,
Because our love is true,
Two hearts made into one,
So walk with me to forever,
You'll always have my heart.
:iconhalnicci:HalNicci 1 4
Airplanes make me nervous now,
or more nervous I should say,
now every time I am at an airport,
or watching my dad prepare to fly away,
to go fight for this country,
I am worried about the passengers on the plane.
I think back to that dreadful day,
that started off normal and good,
until the plane got taken away.
8:46 the first plane hit,
one of the two towers,
not long later the other got hit,
and soon they both fell,
taking many lives.
Another hit the pentagon,
and took the lives of many more.
One more plane was planned to hit,
that one never arrived,
a few brave heroes gave their lives,
just to save who-knows-how-many others.
Today we honor these people,
The people who died,
the ones that survived,
the first responders,
and the civilians in the planes,
along with many others.
Today is 9/11
:iconhalnicci:HalNicci 3 0
Jealousy is a silly thing,
but it can also be important.
If you don't believe me,
just listen to what I have to say.
When I figured out that he liked her,
I got a little jealous,
I hate her as I always have,
and had the hugest crush on him.
What did she have that I didn't?
It had to be something,
Or maybe I was just too shy,
for him to notice me.
But I found out he liked me too,
and the other girl not very much anymore,
and now that boy is mine,
and I never want to let him go.
I'm jealous he is smarter than me,
although he hardly tries,
And I'm competitive by nature,
and already had to try in school,
but now I try even harder,
So maybe one day I'll surpass him.
Jealousy is a silly thing,
but it also is important,
if I didn't get jealous at all,
I wouldn't be able to have anything,
and neither could anyone else.
Just don't get too jealous,
because that's no good at all.
:iconhalnicci:HalNicci 0 0
Dance With Me
Come dance with me,
lets be together forever,
come stand by me,
tell me that you'll always be by my side,
but don't tell me that if it's a lie,
I already have my hopes up too high.
Come dance with me,
stay by my side,
I want to hold you every night,
as you lie next to me in the dark,
making all my troubles melt away.
Come dance with me,
stay with me here,
but if you must leave,
I will follow you there.
Come dance with me,
stand up with me,
and lets sing along together,
for we certainly are the perfect melody.
:iconhalnicci:HalNicci 4 2
Honeysuckle by HalNicci Honeysuckle :iconhalnicci:HalNicci 3 1
Mature content
Both Ends :iconhalnicci:HalNicci 6 9


Homestuck Troll Guide by pinkfizzypops Homestuck Troll Guide :iconpinkfizzypops:pinkfizzypops 1,330 168 Deep Within by XachoryC Deep Within :iconxachoryc:XachoryC 13 11
Tastes Like...
Daddy likes to make me
Eat my words.
I see him hit Mommy
And I know she hurts.
So I tell him, to get her
He has to go through me.
And, well, I can no longer walk
And I can no longer see.
Daddy makes me eat my words
And reality starts to flood.
Yes, Daddy makes me eat my words…
And my words taste like blood.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 243 30
Psychadellivision by Volcanic-Penguin Psychadellivision :iconvolcanic-penguin:Volcanic-Penguin 9,120 2,253 Fault in Our Stars - Hazel by leabharlann Fault in Our Stars - Hazel :iconleabharlann:leabharlann 693 139 He loves me. by ciaee He loves me. :iconciaee:ciaee 6,302 503
Moving On
Razor blades make black blood
Pour from your wrists like a flood
You dream of broken butterflies
Whose wings have torn and slowly died
You cry yourself to sleep at night
Your parents know you're not alright
If you could just get on with your life
Maybe you wouldn't be an addict to the knife
But no, you'll never get over him
He makes your mind swim
In the thoughts and memories of the you two
And you carve into your arm, "I love you."
You need the help they are offering to you
You don't take the offer, you don't need to
They know you'll be gone soon enough
'Cause you didn't know life would be so rough
Why do you let him affect you so?
It's your life you're letting him control
Just get over him, as soon as you can
Or else you'll never see daylight again
:iconforever-gore:forever-gore 5 30
Mature content
A Mother's Choking Caress :iconfadingaqueous:FadingAqueous 13 45
Sheep by humon Sheep :iconhumon:humon 16,298 2,775 Delicate Arch by AlexandreGuilbeault Delicate Arch :iconalexandreguilbeault:AlexandreGuilbeault 346 34 Pride by CrazedByCalliope Pride :iconcrazedbycalliope:CrazedByCalliope 264 56 frozen beauty by Blanchii frozen beauty :iconblanchii:Blanchii 583 389 A Crack Child by rinkunokoisuru A Crack Child :iconrinkunokoisuru:rinkunokoisuru 10 25 Front of Marauder's Map by EbonyHeart719 Front of Marauder's Map :iconebonyheart719:EbonyHeart719 59 7




So, I am going to Europe in a few days. I am going to delete most of my poetry and some of my pictures off of here. I'll upload more Disney ones and then, when I get back from Europe, pictures from my trip.
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